Customer Feedback Survey

Introduction to SysML – MagicDraw UAV Part 10

Welcome to your Customer Feedback Survey

10.1. I felt that the pace at which lecture material was presented was _________.
10.2. I felt that the depth of coverage of the lecture material was ________.
10.3 I felt that the hands-on exercise instruction PDFs were _____________.
10.4. I felt that the video demonstrations of the hands-on exercises were ________.
10.5. I felt that the final models for the hands-on exercises were ________.
10.6. I felt that the hands-on exercises were ________.
10.7. Would a live webconference startup session be helpful?
10.8. Would a live webconference session midway or at the end of the course be helpful?
10.9. Which statement is closest to your situation?
10.10. I would overall rate this class as _____________.