MBSE Model Based System Engineering Training in Herndon, VA

MBSE Model Based System Engineering Training in Herndon, VA

SSA Model Based System Engineering Herndon
Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.) can guide your firm to drive innovation through Model Based System Engineering.

Are you a decision maker or company leader based in Herndon, VA, who wants to include innovation in everything from employee retention to improving productivity? Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.) can guide your firm to drive innovation through Model Based System Engineering. Visit our website now to learn more about our unique systems engineering company.

MBSE/MBE Consulting Company in Herndon

Who is Systems Strategies & Analysis? SSA is a small women-owned engineering services company that timely and cost-effectively delivers excellent solutions. Also, our team offers their expertise in various areas, including Model Based System Engineering. In addition, we currently support our clients with projects that use MBSE through the total system life cycle. This includes requirements management, concept of operations, integration and test, verification and validation, system design, , and deployment and sustainment.

Did you know that SSA can develop MBSE training programs personalized for your business? Our MBSE consulting company customizes these training programs for your organization. Most importantly, these training programs are a vital first step towards converting your company/group to Model Based System Engineering. Email us at info@ssa-inc.com for course information.

Model Based Systems in Herndon, VA

For multiple decades, engineers have applied systems engineering principles to design, manage, and optimize complex systems. For example, a team may utilize a template to create a list of requirements or develop an estimate of a design’s potential risks. While this approach might have been good enough 50 years ago, technology has evolved. Modern engineers can think more bigger than using a Word document to manage their lists. So, this is where MBSE enters the picture. Model Based System Engineering uses systems engineering principles with modern information technology tools. Call us at (240) 813-4427 to learn about Model Based System Engineering training in Herndon, Virginia.

Herndon MBSE Training

Strategies & Analysis also collaborates with Intercax (a pioneer in the MBSE field) in providing a self-paced video course for learning Model Based System Engineering. Anyone can take this course if they are a beginner, an advanced user, or just curious about MBSE. Each part comes with a video lecture and a digital copy of the lecture slides. In addition, most of our features include:

  • Starter and final models for the hands-on exercises
  • Video demonstrations for the hands-on exercises
  • Digital files of step-by-step exercise instructions

Even better, you’ll receive a FREE video module for Part 1 when you register. Jumpstart your MBSE training at SSA now!

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From program and project management services to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)/Model Based Engineering (MBE) training, Systems Strategies and Analysis (SSA, Inc.) can provide excellent services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our corporate capabilities include systems engineering, information technology, project management, MBSE training, and much more. Contact us today at (240)813-4427 or send us a message to learn about how our MBSE consulting company can assist your organization.