Systems Strategies and Analysis (SSA, Inc.): Who We Are

Systems Strategies and Analysis (SSA, Inc.): Who We Are

Systems Strategies and Analysis Systems Strategies and Analysis
Systems Strategies and Analysis (SSA) is an independent, woman- and minority-owned systems engineering and program management company.

Systems Strategies and Analysis (SSA) is an independent, woman- and minority-owned systems engineering and program management company based in Laurel, Maryland. We are devoted to providing timely and cost-effective services with safety and skill. Our first blog informs how our corporate capabilities allow us the flexibility to apply project management and systems engineering principles in any project.

We Are SSA, Engineering Complex Systems

Founded in 2018 by Rosemary Kioko, Systems Strategies and Analysis provides various expert services and solutions in aerospace system engineering, including Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), information technology, program/project management, spacecraft mission engineering and operations, and MBSE/MBE training.

Our team’s skills and expertise allow us to quickly design, build, integrate, and cost-effectively operate software-intensive enterprise-wide systems. SSA meets its clients’ specific goals for their projects through the company’s comprehensive and tailored solutions.

Systems Engineering Capabilities of SSA

Systems Strategies and Analysis clients can receive full systems engineering lifecycle support using MBSE including:

  • Concept of Operations
  • Requirements Management
  • Trade Studies
  • System & Software Design
  • Integration & Testing
  • Verification & Validation
  • Risk Management
  • System Deployment & Sustainment

Support for Spacecraft Mission Engineering & Operations

From performing daily routine tasks to maneuver planning, the SSA team has extensive experience in mission operations. We also support our customers with

  • Trending Analysis
  • Mission Platform Operations Planning & Procedures
  • Ground Systems Operations
  • Mission Operations Center Console Operations
  • Anomaly Investigation and Resolution

Information Technology Services

SSA partners with our customers to plan and implement IT solutions based on their industry’s best practices and requirements. Our team always delivers customer-focused quality support. Our expertise includes systems administration support, cloud system solutions, security solutions, IT architecture & design, agile software development, and artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Domestic and International Project Management

Systems Strategies and Analysis also specializes in program/project management for domestic and international clients. Our services include project planning & control, quality assurance, logistics support, configuration management, deliverables & documentation development, and risk management.

MBSE and OOSEM Training

We take pride in collaborating with Intercax and Sanford Friedenthal to offer self-paced online courses (packaged or individually) for Model-Based System Engineering(MBSE)/Model Based Engineering (MBE) and Object Oriented Systems Engineering Method Training, or OOSEM. These training courses are ideal for beginners, advanced users, or anyone curious about MBSE/MBE.

Contact SSA, Inc. Today for Systems Engineering Consulting Services

If you have any questions regarding our systems engineering consulting services, contact Systems Strategies & Analysis today. From program/project management services to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)/Model Based Engineering (MBE) training, our team has the skills and expertise to quickly design, build, integrate, and operate software-intensive, enterprise-wide systems. We provide every client with comprehensive solutions to satisfy their unique goals. Contact SSA, Inc. by calling our support team at (240)813-4427 or sending us a message via our website. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest for company news and updates.

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