MBSE Training Made Simple with SSA

MBSE Training Made Simple with SSA

SSA MBSE training
Your organization can benefit from MBSE training with Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.).

Would you like to learn how to design and analyze complex systems? Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a methodology that creates a digital representation of a plan to simulate and test various scenarios before the system is built. Fortunately, your organization can benefit from MBSE training with Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.), a woman and minority-owned systems engineering and program management company based in Maryland.

The Importance of MBSE

Why do we need MBSE? MBSE allows engineers to identify possible issues early in the design process, saving time and resources. It’s also becoming popular in the engineering world due to its ability to enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency in the design process. Overall, MBSE training can be your company’s answer to many of your new challenges.

This is why SSA provides various services and solutions in aerospace systems engineering with expertise in MBSE training, information technology, spacecraft mission engineering and operations, and program/project management. Our MBSE consulting company also has the skills and expertise to quickly and cost-effectively provide our clients with solutions that meet their project goals.

Benefits of Model Based Systems Engineering

MBSE captures architecture, system requirements, and other system aspects using graphical models that reflect various system views. When appropriately implemented, Model Based Systems Engineering closes the gap between the engineering disciplines, leading to better-performing products. This can be electrical engineering, mechanical design, or software development.

Implementing MBSE in Your Business

If you are interested in implementing MBSE in your company, contact us to receive your training today! You’ll need to train your team members to use the software effectively. In collaboration with Intercax (a pioneer in the field of MBSE), we offer an introductory self-paced video course for learning MBSE. Our MBSE training includes a video lecture and a digital copy of the lecture slides for each part. Also, we test the student’s mastery of the material with an online quiz per module. Click here to receive a FREE video module for Part 1 when you register!

With the proper training, processes, and tools in place, you can begin to receive the benefits of MBSE in your engineering projects.

Contact SSA, Inc. Today for Systems Engineering Consulting Services

If you have any questions regarding our systems engineering consulting services, contact Systems Strategies & Analysis today. From program/project management services to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)/Model Based Engineering (MBE) training, our team has the skills and expertise to quickly design, build, integrate, and operate software-intensive, enterprise-wide systems. We provide every client with comprehensive solutions to satisfy their unique goals. Contact SSA, Inc. by calling our support team at (240)813-4427 or sending us a message via our website. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest for company news and updates.

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