OOSEM Training for Your Business

OOSEM Training for Your Business

SSA OOSEM training
Are you considering obtaining OOSEM training for your business?

In collaboration with Sanford Friedenthal, Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.) in Maryland is pleased to provide a self-paced video course for learning object oriented systems engineering method (OOSEM), a Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) method. Are you considering obtaining OOSEM training for your business? Keep reading to learn more about OOSEM.


The object oriented systems engineering method (OOSEM), or object-oriented systems engineering (OOSE), combines object-oriented concepts with conventional systems engineering practices. It uses concepts originally used in object-oriented software development and implements them in systems engineering. How does OOSEM work? OOSEM starts with analyzing objects based on the system architecture then moves to assign the functions to the things to fulfill specific needs.

Moreover, OOSEM is a MBSE method that supports the system specification and design process. Also, it provides a way to manage system design and development complexity by using separation of concerns as a fundamental tenet. Do you have questions about our OOSEM training in Maryland? Call SSA today at 240-813-4427.

OOSEM Training Made by SSA

From beginners to advanced users to those curious about OOSEM can complete our training. Our OOSEM training comes in self-paced, online formats, along with our collaboration with Sanford Friedenthal, an industry leader and consultant in model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

SSA provides the following regarding their OOSEM training:

  • A video lecture per module (13)
  • Digital copies of the lecture slides
  • A model example used in lectures

Get started with your OOSEM training now and receive a FREE digital copy while supplies last. Click here to register!

Do you have questions regarding our OOSEM training? Please contact info@ssa-inc.com for recommendations.

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