The Role of MBSE Training in Project Management

The Role of MBSE Training in Project Management


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Discover how the MBSE training program from SSA can help you transition your organization to model based systems engineering.

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a highly collaborative discipline that enables engineers from various fields to create and manage a system model that behaves as a single source of truth throughout the system’s lifecycle. Consequently, good project management is crucial for assuring the system’s successful delivery, coordinating all stakeholders’ actions, and remedying any potential mistakes. This article provides an overview of MBSE and its impact on project management for engineers.

Key Project Management Aspects in MBSE

In MBSE, project management is responsible for organizing, planning, and supervising the necessary system deployment activities. This may include the system’s budget and schedule management, coordination of the engineering team’s and stakeholders’ actions, and ensuring the expectations and requirements of all parties involved with the system.

Strategies for Overcoming Problems in MBSE Project Management

Engineers may alleviate the lack of industry standards by applying SysML, which provides a consistent language and structure for simulation and modeling. Also, engineers can utilize specialized methodologies and tools, like model-based verification procedures, to manage the complexity of systems and models. Most importantly, engineers should ensure that all members receive MBSE training and education to increase communication, collaboration, and system model understanding.

Fortunately, Systems Strategies & Analysis (SSA, Inc.), a small and minority-owned systems engineering and project management company, provides MBSE training to anyone interested in learning. In addition, SSA can develop MBSE training programs tailored to your company. Want to learn more? Call SSA, Inc. today at (240) 813-4427 for course information.

Prospects for MBSE in Project Management in the Future

MBSE is becoming critical for designing and managing complex systems as technology advances. Additionally, project management will be crucial to successfully delivering these solutions. So, engineers and others with curious minds should continue developing and implementing effective project management techniques for MBSE projects.

They should also adopt standardization of MBSE processes to increase collaboration and integration among different domains and stakeholders. Overall, SSA always brings high-quality services with 100% safety. Discover how the MBSE training program from SSA can help you transition your organization to model based systems engineering.

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